Professional Development

After graduation in December of 2012, I will volunteer my time at both public and academic libraries in the Triad and/or Triangle area.  Having attended graduate school while working a full-time job, I have not been able to accrue the practical experience within a library which seems to be so crucial in the current job market.  I would like to volunteer my time by providing reference assistance and designing classes to teach library patrons how to better search for information.  I would also like to become involved with an archiving project which utilizes the knowledge gained from my course work in cataloging, metadata and digital libraries.  While volunteering,  I will network with other librarians and archivists who can help me find a job within the Triad or Triangle area.   My focus on a job within the immediate vicinity is driven by my wife’s impeding tenure as a professor of Art History at Guilford College.

As a current member of ALA and NCLA, I will attend regional conferences with the aim of networking, obtaining volunteer opportunities, and presenting poster sessions and papers within the field which focus on access to information, instruction and digital preservation, the areas of librarianship which are closest to my heart.  I feel that conferences provide an experience of camaraderie and fellowship, as well as the opportunity to involve one’s self in the most recent issues of librarianship.  As a lover of both librarianship and research, I hope to contribute to the ongoing scholarship of my regional conferences, particularly as pertains to the design of user instruction and access issues for specialized communities.

My interest in the information sciences field is also fueled by the intense collaboration which is beginning to happen (and has happened) between differing knowledge communities, as well as between librarians in general.  I would like to foster collaboration whenever possible between my future institution and other community groups.  I have found that community-based arts groups have a particularly collaborative spirit and I would like to seek out opportunities to increase community access to knowledge through partnerships with arts and heritage institutions in the Triad/Triangle communities.

My plan for continuing education consists of attending webinars and conferences which cater to my interests: digitization and preservation, access, and instructional design.  I plan to stay a member of the DIGLIB, LIB-REF, and AutoCAT listserv groups to keep up with trends in the areas of digital libraries, reference and cataloging.  Similarly, I hope to contribute to a working group or round-table within the ALA areas of which I am a member:  Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL); Library and Information Technology Association (LITA); Intellectual Freedom Roundtable (IFRT).