Supplemental Materials

The following documents are presented as exemplars of work I have completed during the two years I attended the UNCG MLIS graduate program.  Each document is linked for download unless it is a format which can be accessed immediately by opening a new browser page.  A short bit of text accompanies each piece to guide you through the materials and the student learning outcomes and applied technologies are referenced for each piece as well.  The student learning outcomes are explained below:


  1. The student assesses the philosophy, principles, and ethics of the library and information field.
  2. The student identifies, evaluates, conducts, and applies current research and thought in library and information studies and other fields.
  3. The student applies and values user education principles in the teaching of information literacy.
  4. The student designs services to meet the information needs of all users and communities.
  5. The student engages in professional development and service and identifies specializations and related professional organizations as relevant to individual interests.
  6. The student applies appropriate technology for effective information services.
  7. The student applies advocacy, marketing, and communication principles for entrepreneurial leadership.
  8. The student effectively collaborates for the achievement of individual, organizational, professional, and societal goals.

Final Capstone Video

dREAM iNTERVIEW aT eVERYtOWN lIBRARY  : an xtranormal video presentation of how I met the SLO’s for the Library and Information Sciences master’s degree program.

Technology:  Audacity, xtranormal, YouTube


LIS 600:  Foundations of Library and Information Studies

What’s So Bad About Good Ol’ Paper?:  A User Study of Digital Reading Devices in the Real World : a collaborative paper which surveyed technology used for research in a local middle school. 

SLO’s: 2, 8                            Technology: MS Word; MS Excel

LIS 610:  Collection Management

Copyright : a brief exercise in finding copyright ownership for the short stories of Breece D’J Pancake. 

SLO’s: 1, 2                           Technology:  MS Word

Barrett Music Library: Old Time Music page : a webpage of materials collected for a fictional music library on an academic campus.  Please, browse the other pages of this site as well. 

SLO’s:  7, 8                         Technology:  WordPress

Barrett Library Advertisement : a radio spot highlighting our fictional library and the old-time collection in particular. 

SLO’s 7                              Technology: Audacity
LIS 620 Info Services and Sources

Articles for Dr. Bell : a collection of articles on higher mathematics for a professor at UNCG.  This assignment took me out of my comfort zone as far as research is concerned, and I learned quite a bit about WebOfScience and arXive.

SLO’s:  1, 4, 6, 8               Technology: Online Databases, MS Word
LIS 623 Online Bibliographic Information Retrieval

Podcast and podfeed : two quick tutorials of podcast directories that compare and contrast the two sites.

SLO’s: 3, 4, 6                    Technology: Jing  
LIS 636 Web Production and Usability for Librarians

User Analysis, Information Architecture, and Initial Web Interface : a paper identifying the preliminary aspects of creating a website. 

SLO’s:  1, 4, 6, 7, 8           Technology: MS Word, MS Visio

Beta Version .75 (User Analysis, Information Architecture and Initial Web Interface Revisited) : a paper which revisits the first paper after receiving feedback from several people on the usability of my initial design. 

SOL’s:  1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8   Technology:  MS Word, MS Visio

Wildlife Rehab, Inc. Web site : a Web site produced for a local non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates wildlife.  The organization has chosen not to use these particular files, but I much preferred having a real target at which to aim rather than just completing an exercise for this assignment. [site currently being transferred to new server] 

 SOL’s: 6, 7                        Technology: Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop; Core FTP
LIS 644 Digital Libraries

LSTA Grant : a letter of intent written to satisfy the requirements of an LSTA grant proposal.  

SLO’s:  1, 4, 6, 8               Technology:  MS Word

Gannt Chart : a chart outlining the timeline for deliverables associated with my digital library project. 

SLO’s: 1                           Technology:  MS Word

SoundLAB Digital Library Collection [in progress]

SLO’S: 1, 4, 7, 8             Technology:  CONTENTdm, Digital Scanbed, Nikon D80
LIS 650 Library Administration and Management

Interview with a current library director : a paper outlining what I learned from interviewing a current library administrator. 

SLO’s:  1, 2                     Technology:  MS Word

Needs Assessment of Caldwell Academy Library : a group project which surveyed parents, students and teachers about the usability and needs of a school library serving K-12 classrooms. 

SLO’s 1, 2, 4, 7, 8          Technology:  MS Word, MS Excel, SurveyMonkey

Ideal Vision : a paper in which I was allowed to envision the kind of space in which I would like to work.  

SLO: 1                          Technology:  MS Word
LIS 688 Design of User Instruction

Guilford County Resource Center : a website intended to help students, teachers and parents of Guilford County better utilize the school system’s current networked e-mail, blog, and digital homework platform for students.  Be careful, my first foray into online tutorials exist within.

SLO’s:  1, 3, 4, 5       Technology:  WordPress, MS PowerPoint, YouTube, Gaggle

LIS 688 Database Design

Database Documentation : the documentation of my group’s final database project. 

SLO’s: 3, 4, 6, 8      Technology: MS Word; DIA

Final Database Project 

SLO’s: 4, 6, 8          Technology:  MS Access
LIS 688 Metadata

Folksonomies Literature Review

SLO’s: 2                 Technology:  MS Word

Developing a Metadata Element Set : below are documents representing my group’s collaboration on a set of metadata to identify drawings/political editorials. 

I. Identify desired metadata elements for the collection.

II. Decision for value spaces: content and value specifications, vocabularies

III. Establish an Application Profile

IV. Create Crosswalk

SLO’s:1, 4, 8       Technology:  MS Word, DSpace, KomodoEdit6 XML, Altova XMLSpy

Reflection on Metadata creation

SLO’s:1, 8          Technology:  MS Word
LIS 690 Independent Study–Public LibraryCafe Study

Literature Review : a review of the literature written regarding profitability of library cafes.  

SLO’s: 1, 2, 7, 8              Technology:  MS Word

NCLA presentation:  For Service or Profit : the power point presentation shown at the 59th Biennial NCLA conference in Hickory, NC.  The presentation was an extension of an actual study undertaken to find the cause of a particular library cafe’s lack of profitability.  The 40 page report and accompanying power point presented to the Board of Directors are not shown here to keep confidentiality. 

SLO’s:  2, 5, 7, 8            Technology:  MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

Free Collaboration

arthistoryatguilford :  a course guide written on the WordPress platform with embedded JSTOR image viewer tutorial written for my wife’s Art 100 course at Guilford College.

SLO’s:  1, 2, 3, 6, 8        Technology:  WordPress, Screencast-O-Matic